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The Global Location Number (GLN)

This is a simple tool used globally to identify a unique location and forms part of the GS1 systems of standards. RMIS aims to assist each production location in the red meat value chain of South Africa to receive a unique GLN which will ultimately assist with national traceability and opening markets on a global scale. 

This GLN allocation is for all farms, auction houses, feedlots and abattoirs in South Africa.


Having a GLN means that your production unit will have a unique number identifying its location. This in turn will assist you with TRACEABILITY to enable:

Market Access

In future, if a farmer wants to access the commercial value chain (and therefore a better price) they will be required to show records for the identification and movement of animals which can be linked to this unique GLN number.


The industry needs to have a traceable system in place to access higher quality markets/countries which will yield a premium price for meat. 

Economic Stability

For all application forms and documentation on guidelines and regulations you can click on the link below.

Stock Theft

A unique GLN will assist with dealing with stock theft cases and addressing the risk thereof.

Disease Recall

Knowing the location and movements of animals will assist to track the origin of diseases when outbreaks occur in the country (such as Foot-and-Mouth Disease) to contain the disease as fast as possible and more effectively.

How to claim your farm

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