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RMIS NPC has a board of directors that consists of: 4 representatives from the industry organisations, ​an Independant chairperson, 2 independant directors, and an executive director.

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RMIS Board

Armed with a wealth of industry knowledge and unwavering commitment, the RMIS Board stands as a well-equipped force dedicated to steering the South African Red Meat industry towards sustainable growth and excellence. RMIS is governed according to its Memorandum of Incorporation. It has a board of directors consisting of four members nominated by the RMPC, an independent chairperson, two additional directors who are knowledgeable in industry and business, and the executive director. This board focuses on specific areas identified by RMPC.

Koos Janse Van Rensburg


Dewald Olivier

Executive Director

Estelle van Reenen


Aggrey Mahanjana


James Faber


Niel Venter

Dr Kabols le Riche

Independent Director

Gerhard van der Burgh

Independent Director

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