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Fostering Innovation

Over the years, the South African Red Meat Industry has recognised the need for and importance of research and development, and various structures have been created to facilitate funding of projects of national importance. There is general recognition that innovative R&D is vital to growing the competitiveness and sustainability of the SA red meat sector.

In the period before the red meat industry restructuring (pre-2023), the overarching R&D approach hinged on a process where proposals were submitted by research entities, predominately Universities, on topics more or less aligned to the industry body’s research programmes but not directly in response to pressing issues and innovation needs of the industry and its value chains.

Though the previous system did deliver world-class academic research, it is argued that if the 2030 Red Meat Industry Strategy is to reach its objectives, R&D priorities will have to be identified more proactively and communication with the industry needs to be more intentional.

The proposal is that R&D should be part of a greater process to create value, either by addressing a market need, or pushing new technology to market. 

The essence of the proposed model is that R&D should be industry demand driven – to address burning industry problems and opportunities, but also longer-term research and development enhancing the competitiveness and sustainability of the industry.


Access to research articles funded by the Red Meat Industry from 2011-2022

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First Priority

Sustainable natural resource utilisation

Second Priority

Competitiveness through the improvement of livestock and forage (to improve sustainability, food security, and efficiency of resource use)

Third Priority

Anticipation and mitigation of agricultural risks to create a resilient red meat sector

Fourth Priority

Sustainable animal health and welfare for the red meat sector

Fifth Priority

Solutions, processes, and technologies that will enhance the production and processing of animal products

Sixth Priority

Consumer and market development of the red meat sector

Seventh Priority

Consumer and market development of the red meat sector The commercialisation of the emerging sector

Do you have an idea for research in the industry?

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